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A testament to my technical background and my introduction to the world. I’m typing this fresh out of the shower, with the lights off, and the midnight sky twinkling in my window. This is my hello, a README esque, micro introduction for this newsletter, a journal and personal dialogue with myself and anyone else who will listen. I’m a 30 years old, remote software engineer. I have just moved to a new city, and my skin is crawling with ideas, visions of the future, and an ever changing list of goals. This is an opportunity to slow down and become more mindful about where I put my energy. And despite every influencer saying, ‘dream big’, the only thing that motivates me is thinking small, a step so close, the only thing that could happen is that I stumble and fall onto it.

I can write this journal, and worst case scenario, my children and grandchildren can read about my story and my future employers can find substance in my position. I can design clothing, and worst case scenario, I get to wear and feel comfortable in something with so much personal meaning. I can share my struggles, triumphs, successes, and failures, and worst case scenario, I have written my own autobiography and can use the flow of consciousness to text on a page as fuel to motivate me into my next endeavor.

One step at a time. One moment in front of the other. Slowly but surely. Without hurry. With the understanding that the accumulation of many small actions of intentional effort will lead to a breakthrough of some sort, something I can’t see clearly now, but something surely meaningful in it’s own right.